Trade name: Advia Centaur XP Immunoassay System. Technical Name: Biochemical Analyzer. ANVISA registration number: 10345160484. Class of risk: II. Affected model: Advia Centaur XP .. Affected serial numbers: See list of affected lots in Anvisa portal - link: 2456-technovigilancia-siemens-advia-centaur-xp-immunoassay-system-potential-failure-in-the-instrument-cover / 33868? P_p_auth = xJO1qIf7 & inheritRedirect; = false & redirect; = http% 3A% 2F% 2Fportal.anvisa. % 3Fp_p_auth% 3DxJO1qIf7% 26p_p_id% 3D101_INSTANCE_WvKKx2fhdjM2% 26p_p_lifecycle% 3D0% 26p_p_state% 3Dnormal% 26p_p_mode% 3Dview% 26p_p_col_id% 3Dcolumn-3% 26p_p_col_pos% 3D1% 26p_p_col_count% 3D5