Name of reagent: Red cell Reag family for Immunohematology R4 - IH Biovue - Other items in Annex 1 Technical name: Reag for immunohematology - Red cell reagent / enzyme-treated red cell number ANVISA registration number: 80145901444 Hazard class: : Surgiscreen -Conj of 3 vials with 3mL each of cel for detection of unexpected antibodies Serial numbers affected: 3SS214Z; 3SS216Z; 3SS222Z; 3SS225Z; 3SS231Z; 3SS238Z; 3SS241Z; 8EA329; 8RA330; 8RA331; 8SS282; 8SS284; 8SS285; 8SS286; 8SS271; 8SS272; 8SS273; 8SS274; 8SS275; 8SS276; 8SS277; 8SS278; 8SS279; 8SS280; 8SS281; 8RC306; 8RC307; 8RC308; 8S893; 8S894; 8S896; 8ª511; 8ª512; 8ª222; 8ª523; 8,548; 8ª534.